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2023 Projects


Through a collaborative process, Hatch teamed up with Solera to develop brand guidelines that defined the company’s visual and messaging standards, including the use of logos, colors, and typography.

The company was navigating rapid growth through recent acquisitions and mergers and in need of solid visual statement that binds different entities under one brand umbrella. The result was a cohesive identity that unifies different segments of companies under Solera’s values and vision.


Sourcewhale was growing rapidly and was in need of a solid visual direction that stretches itself to distinct branded elements like illustrations to bring the visual to life. Custom booths and promotional materials were a big priority in the pipeline as the company needed the materials for a major job fair event.

The creative synergy heavily focused on creating branded collaterals that effectively represented the brand and generated excitement in the job search community. The creative partnership helped establish and strengthen brand integrity and credibility in the market.


Brand identity articulation was Hatch’s primary role with Zip as the company massively scales its operations across the globe. Establishing a visual identity direction was a top priority to setting a solid social media ad design production.

Establishing KPIs at the start of the project helped set a collaborative tone that was further strengthened through thoughtful design iteration with the Zip’s ad strategy team.